SMD Capacitor Voltage Codes
Letter Voltage
e 2.5V
G 4V
j 6.3V
A 10V
C 16V
D 20V
E 25V
V 35V
H 50V
J 63V
K 80V
2A 100V
Tantalum and Ceramic Capacitor Markings (EIA)

Entering a 3-digit number from your capacitor will display the capacitance value in µF, nF, or pF units. Select a tolerance code to determine the capacitor's tolerance. For Voltage Codes, use the table on the left.

Enter a 3-digit number

If the capacitor code has 1 or 2 digits, it represents its value in pF. For instance, '5' means 5 pF and '47' means 47 pF.

0G = 4.0VDC 1J = 63VDC 2D = 200VDC*
0L = 5.5VDC* 0k = 80VDC 2P = 220VDC
0J= 6.3VDC* 2A = 100VDC* 2E = 250VDC*
1A = 10VDC* 2Q = 110VDC 2F = 315VDC
1C = 16VDC* 2B = 125VDC 2V = 350VDC
1E = 25VDC* 2C = 160VDC 2G = 400VDC*
1H = 50VDC* 2Z = 180VDC 2W = 240VDC

* Preferred values